July 1st marks a special occasion for us here at ‘the box’. On this date, in the year 2000, we opened our doors for the first time. “An agency just won’t work in this little town”, many people told us, but fifteen years and a population of 38,000 people later, we think we’ve just about proved them wrong.

We won’t bore you with our histrionics, rather we’ll do what we’ve always done and look to the future.

Age hasn’t in any way dulled our enthusiasm, if anything it’s thrown us even more challenges and a further motivation to make the southwest a state of the art creative hub. We’ll continue our drive using creative thinking and the latest technology as we continue to work at being ahead of the game…as we always have. We’ll foster creativity and like the imagineering of Disney we’ll never be distracted by the banal and the ordinary.

When your fifteen years old, with a team who know the values of the past and thirst to embrace the future, you can be certain the next fifteen years will be one hell of a ride.

So to all our clients who have shared our journey and to those new guys we haven’t yet met, please be certain of one thing. Jack in the box will be even more switched on, alive and well, wallowing in magic, drowning in ideas and delivering a service standard unequaled in our industry.

As the party poppers go off and the sound of happy birthday disappears into 2015 you can be reassured we won’t party for long, because its back to what we love.