As many of you would already know, Jack in the box is passionate about helping business, especially start-ups who need a helping hand to get on their feet. So it’s no wonder that an innovative new Australian site, PushStart, captured our attention. PushStart is a unique Australian network designed to assist the tech start up community, and Jack in the box’s Director, Scott Robinson has just been included as a mentor of the innovative program., Established in early 2011, PushStart focuses on a set of community-focused, mentor-driven, activities. Combining top Australian tech start up people, seed funding and community events, PushStart plans to give local tech entrepreneurs help to start, grow and succeed., Scott, who started his first business at 17, is no stranger to building a business from the ground up. Being fortunate enough himself to have some amazing mentors throughout his business life, Scott saw this opportunity as a great way to ‘pay it forward’., Core to the creation of PushStart are 3 key values: helping people, building a community and developing an open and inclusive environment. Sharing similar philosophies, Scott is looking forward to assisting in the project., PushStart is one part of Jack in the box’s new community involvement strategies, with a number of exciting initiatives to be released later in 2011., Find out more about PushStart at,