That’s right – re-tune your TV tonight and you’ll get an onslaught of 9 new channels – GWN7, 7Two, 7Mate, WIN, GO!, Gem, TenWest, OneHD and 11!, No more fuzzy soaps or chopped off footy scores – now you can see e-v-e-r-y-thing in glorious HD., We’re pretty excited – it’s been a long time coming and our website has been flooded with comments about why regional WA has been left till last. So wait no more!, For advertisers, this means the creation of some great new opportunities. Advertising space is now being sold to regional advertisers on all of these new channels. This means you can achieve a much more targeted approach to your advertising. For example, a male oriented campaign would be perfect for 7Mate, created specifically for the young male audience., Better yet, all of these channels are likely to be getting the most amount of viewers in their launch period. What better time to get on board?, If you’d like to know more about advertising on the new digital channels, get in touch with ., Vickie, In the mean time, make sure you have a digital ready TV and the right aerial, and tune in tonight!