| mega fun |, A virtual archaeological expedition has been one of the many innovative features built into the Mega Fauna website, built by Jack in the box and turned live last week., Mega Fauna is an educational initiative created by CaveWorks in Margaret River to enhance the knowledge of the Cave’s formation and history, and their place in the region’s unique biodiversity status. It is aimed at school children, as well as their educators and parents., The website is uniquely designed to deliver educational information in a fun and interactive way. The design is youthful and vibrant, building on Jack in the box’s previous designs utilised for the at the CaveWorks centre., Kids Corner, The website is based on Jack in the box’s custom , and includes the development of three animated games created with flash technology. Children can dig for their own fossil, explore a virtual cave with a flashlight, and use a microscope to zoom in on strange ‘critters’ that can be found deep within the caves., Springbox CMS, If you’d like to explore the fun new website, visit ., www.megafauna.com.au