With the event of so many new SmartPhone formats – both in terms of screen sizes and operating systems – we’ve developed some new ways to ensure you can reach everyone with your site., Springbox has had a device detection built into its code for some time now, but this function has often limited us to one SmartPhone type – iPhone or Android for example. Not with a new technique known as ‘Responsive Design’, now we can develop your site to work on any number of devices and screen sizes with each being optimised for that particular format., This scaling technique is extremely effective and can be seen across the Jack in the box site right now. This very site will reformat to a more appropriate layout when viewed on a mobile device such as an iPhone, HTC or even the new Nokia Windows 7 Mobile devices., With most sites now being accessed by mobile devices and up to 35% of traffic being attributed to users ‘on the go’, having this type of technology built into your site is now more vital than ever. Less than 10% of all websites are effective on a SmartPhone. Springbox’s ResponsiveDesign is the answer., Call us today to find out more and to see how we can adapt your existing Springbox site or develop your new site with this innovative technology built in.