| tourism discovered |, Using the research capabilities of the Jack in the box strategic team, Pro-Busselton recently commissioned a visitor discovery survey to find out the why’s and wherefore’s of those who visited our shire during last year’s ‘off’ season., And now the verdict’s in. On , you can become so much wiser about what visitors to our town thought of their experience. You can also discover who visits us, where they come from and why, as well as significant facts which impact on how we create our businesses., Tuesday 8th March at 5.30pm until 7.30pm at The Goose Cafe, Knowledge is power and on the 8th you’ll discover things you might never have known, had you not taken the time to join us and tune in to the visitor’s heartbeat. Some of the results surprised us at times. If you’re in business, you’ll want to know the facts and this is your opportunity to hear it straight from the visitors’ mouths., RSVP is essential. To register your attendance please email: ., m3@geographebay.com, Jack in the box. Proud to be of service to Pro-Busselton; the Geographe Bay Visitors Centre and The Busselton Chamber of Commerce.