cinéfestOZ is back for 09, Sometimes living outside of the city can leave you feeling a little culturally bereft – no popping in to see the latest art exhibit at on the way home from work on a weekday evening, no visiting the little wine bar down the street for a quiet drink with friends on a Sunday night – these are the things I miss about the city. But living in the provides host of benefits the city can’t even come close to matching – clean beaches, friendly neighbours – and my personal favourite – ., PICA, South West, CinéfestOZ, is back for another year as the premier Set over 5 days, from , the event is a heady mix of , visiting , and , and gastronomic delights to please even the most cultured of us. This year’s is set to be even bigger and better than last year, with a planned , and events too top secret to be mentioned just yet (but I can say Busselton has never seen anything like this before!), CinéfestOZ, South West’s, cultural event., September 09 to 13, Australian and French cinema, screenwriters, actors, directors, Festival, Western Australian film premiere, The celebration of is a worthy cause. The ultimate form of escapism, a good can take you places your imagination had never dreamt to go. was embraced by the local community wholeheartedly last year, and the was a raging success. attracted visitors from all over the state, and I even met visitors from interstate and overseas visiting the region for the , injecting valued tourist dollars into the local economy at an usually quiet time of year., film, film, CinéfestOZ, Festival, CinéfestOZ 08, film festival, are proud to be associated with an event of such standing, and if you would like to be kept up to date with happenings, log onto and sign up for the newsletter. It’s packed with news, ticketing information and film reviews. And to all of you who made it to – I will see you in the cinema at ! Thanks for supporting such an important community event., Jack in the box, CinéfestOZ,, Festival, CinéfestOZ 08, CinéfestOZ 09