By now, everyone has heard of Virtual Reality. Whether you really know what it is or you’ve just heard the buzz word, VR (as it’s best known) is one of the fastest emerging trends in technology we’ve seen since the smart phone.

For the most part, VR is essentially a headset that allows you to feel as if you’ve been transported to another place. It’s an incredible technology that makes you feel much more ‘present’ than any other medium that has come before.

Widely acknowledged for its application for gaming, there is so much more to VR than playing games. It’s an incredible medium to communicate and tell stories…but most people haven’t worked that out yet.

Here at Jack in the box, we’ve always looked to the latest technology to see how we could develop and create new ways of communicating with an audience on behalf of our clients. When VR came along, it was no different. In fact, we were the first regional agency in Western Australia to acquire the high powered HTC Vive setup along with one of the most powerful machines on the market to run this impressive technology.

Housed at our studio in Busselton, the unit not only allows us to test and conceptualise new ideas but also allows us to pack up the technology and take it where ever we want to go.

Director Scott Robinson has already showcased the technology and a number of various applications at events such as CinefestOZ, MARCIA Research Launch and the South West Conference in Perth. The reaction is always the same…people are constantly blown away by how immersive the experience is.

While many get instantly caught up with the technology itself, we’ve looked beyond the equipment and sought to find new ways to tell stories and engage with people. With such an immersive medium like VR, it offers a unique opportunity to do something different and grab people’s attention.

If you’re interested in how it all works or how you could potentially utilise the technology for your business, marketing or promotion, then call us and we’d be more than happy to provide you with a demo and talk about what’s possible.