The Challenge

In 2016, thebox was commissioned with the exciting project to rebrand the Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre. A number of challenges were faced around developing a brand that centralised around communicating the museum’s life, relevancy and appeal. Crucial to the brand’s messaging was to honour the venue’s history, without appearing old-fashioned, mundane or aged. Themes for the Museum incorporated early Indigenous history; 19th century European visitors and settlers; interactions between the Noongar and Europeans; Bunbury’s forgotten convict history, shipwrecks and smugglers; its Port culture and industry; the progression of the town; and 20th and 21st century Bunbury life and culture.

The Idea

Inspiration was drawn from the Centre’s iconic centre piece – a giant mobile installation interpretation of a Ghost Ship made from hanging blocks. This impressive piece of art provides an instant impact as you walk into the main space and is one of the few permanent installations in this modern museum setup. Basalt rock used in wall construction at the venue also became a critical piece of our inspiration in developing the brand.

The Solution

Highly contemporary and subjectively challenging, the new brand was created to push the boundaries and sit alongside other major museums across the world. Key to designing this modern brand mark was the avoidance of themes such as water or collections, as the space was to evolve and grow over time. A brand icon was crafted as a visual interpretation of the museum: a dimensional space to house and view collections, both physically and intellectually from new/various angles.

The Last Word

The Bunbury Museum & Heritage Centre brand and corporate style has been successfully implemented and fulfilled its purpose. The flexibility of the brand creates interest and movement in a space that could otherwise be seen as neutral. The colour ways lend themselves to an engaging and dynamic experience for the visitor – an example of how information can be delivered in unique ways through clever interpretive design. While a variety of signage applications were designed, they remain uniformed, consistent and lift the space to both honour the heritage with a contemporary bent.

What We’ve Done

  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Style
  • Design
  • Signage Solutions
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