The Challenge

A quiet oasis in the centre of a bustling town, Busselton Villas & Caravan Park’s branding was dated, inconsistent and lacked punch. The new owners approached Jack in the box to develop a new brand and streamline the Park’s communication, particularly in the form of stationery and signage. The Park required positioning, consistency and messaging to the identified target markets of campers, caravanners and those looking to stay in a villa, as well as short-stay accommodation for Busselton Hospital staff and visitors.

The Idea

Busy Bussell Highway does not prepare one for this peaceful, beachside location with its canopy of trees and relaxing, friendly atmosphere. Visiting the site during the brand discovery process, Jack in the box team members became aware of the challenge they had ahead of them. Not only did the new brand have to give equal importance to the caravan park and the villas, a feature lacking in the former brand, it also demanded the portrayal of a sense of tranquility with an edge of excitement and fun. The look and feel needed to say ‘seaside’ without the overuse of kitsch, generic symbols featured so often in other accommodation branding.

The Solution

The icon is a visual representation of the Park: A tranquil spot situated under a canopy of trees beside the water. It has been designed to appeal to visitors seeking a relaxing holiday but also appeal to the short stay market for business people and hospital staff. It was important however, to ensure the brandmark retained a sense of holiday and fun, achieved through iconic elements both literally and suggestively. The typography has been designed to give equal importance to the villas and caravan park and the soft colour palette sets the brand apart from the rowdy, bright brands which currently crowd the marketplace.

The Last Word

Busselton Villas & Caravan Park embraced the new branding with open arms. The entry signage has been installed and additional directional and unit signage around the Park will be rolled out over time. A new website and stationery suite, including a higher-end double-sided letterhead, was also produced.

The Award

Jack in the box have since received a International Bronze Award from the world recognised Summit Creative Awards for the Busselton Villas & Caravan Park rebrand.

What We’ve Done

  • Brand Development
  • Stationery Suite
  • Website
  • Signage
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