The Challenge

The Southern Skydivers brand had created immense value around the Busselton-based operation, however with a new drop zone ready at Rottnest, the time came for a refreshed, action-filled brand which covered both bases, as well as a complex custom-designed and developed website which provided all the information a potential jumper would require.

The new brand needed to be energetic, fresh, positive and encompass the company’s core values of a fun and unforgettable experience without compromising their professionalism and safety.

thebox originally designed the ground-breaking parallax Southern Skydivers website, which would become obsolete. The new website had to project the brand look and feel in addition to the company’s vision to be the most professional skydiving outfit in Western Australia.

The Idea

We worked on the premise that Geronimo needed to be seen as a Ferrari rather than a Mercedes. The company needed to appear fun while ensuring it looked as though they pushed the limits. It also needed to support the Busselton and Rottnest brands that would be underneath it as well as being adaptable for any future ventures.

The wordmark was created through fully-customised letterforms as a visual representation of skydiving without the use of cliche parachutes, keeping with the sky-blue of Southern Skydivers to retain the existing brand equity. It was developed as modern, progressive and exciting and the website was no different

The Solution

A new set of Stationery was designed in addition to concepts for wrapping the van and plane with the new brand elements. The brand would work in several ways – blue on white, mono and white on blue for adaptability. The website was designed to be visually-impacting while differentiating between the Busselton and Rottnest zones and prices were laid out in packages to make it easily for a customer to see the added value of having a professionally-edited action-cam video made of their freefall and parachute ride.

The Last Word

Geronimo will continue to work in the two dropzones – pushing limits and excelling in safety. You don’t become a Small Business Award Winner for nothing and Geronimo are a fun, action-packed organisation that deserve the praise they are receiving!

What We’ve Done

  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Style
  • Stationery Suite
  • Design
  • Website
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