The Challenge

South West Women’s Health & Information Centre were seeking to develop a community network which connected parents with local services, supporting their emotional wellbeing during early parenthood. Armed with a name – ‘Radiance’ – a new brand, website and collateral was required to launch the network in late 2017.

The Idea

With a bright, fresh name came a bright fresh brand. Colourful and radiant, the branding and styling was used to highlight the positive nature of the network and the impact they wished to have on parents within the region. The use of radiating circles within both the device and the corporate styling allowed for a dynamic and eye-catching suite of design that is hard to miss!

The Solution

The brand features a distinctive logo and a suite of lively colours. The device was also designed to drive independent recognition and be used in isolation in executions such as T-Shirts where it can be applied with potency as a stand alone piece of design.

One of the key elements was a resource based website. We implemented a bold, flat design which used colour as its main driver – a distinctive shift from a online world that is full of images.

the website, which has continued to be an important central resource for information, was first developed in 2017 and saw a refresh in 2022 to meet the new and emerging needs of the organisation.

The Last Word

In a crowded marketplace and an audience who is already struggling, we needed to create something bold that would simply stand out from the crowd. The site itself needed to be simple and easy to navigate and allow users to quickly and easily find the services that they need. This was about engaging and connecting people.

What we’ve done

  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Style
  • Stationery Suite
  • Design
  • Printing
  • Merchandise
  • Collateral
  • Signage Solutions
  • Website
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