The Challenge

The brief thebox were given was to develop a new brand for the Shire, highlighting the immense growth potential in the region, and attracting tourism, investment and economic growth. Through community facilitation, consultation and research, a new brand and corporate style was developed. A style guide outlining the best practices to use the new branding was also created and thebox worked with all facets of the marketing projection to develop a set of livery concepts.

This was not a project that was wholey embraced by the community and even some councillors. The team was met with a level of hostility and a number of very concerned and upset citizens. thebox had to facilitate these sessions and ensure that we demonstrated our ability to listen, and not just hear, what the community was saying.

The Idea

The discovery process was the most critical task within this project. thebox team spent a number of days across the East Kimberly and focused on holding as many sessions with various members of the community within the shire. Steeped in history and poised for growth, this was a diverse community that needed an identity to drive unity and a focused future direction. The creative would honour the Indigenous influence while not attempting to emulate Indigenous design.

The Solution

The final presentation not only demonstrated the new brand but rationalised the development in the form of a story. Storytelling is a huge aspect of the Indigenous culture and we felt it was an appropriate delivery mechanism to achieve engagement and acceptance of the new brand.

This proved to be a success with the council accepting the new brand unanimously. Even the most skeptical of councillors provided feedback that it could be seen how thebox team had listened to ‘the people’. This was a powerful affirmation of our work on this project.

The Last Word

While the new approach was accepted by Shire Councillors and staff a decision to investigate a name change for the shire saw 2 versions of the brand be taken to the community. This consultation was not conducted by thebox and was not recommended due to our knowledge of the community’s view on a change to the name. Subsequently the backlash was so great that the project was put on hold indefinitely.

What We’ve Done

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