The Challenge

Every designer enjoys the challenge of premium packaging and our team is no exception. Presented with a high quality, limited edition (90 bottles only), premium whisky, distilled in the beautiful Margaret River region, our designers knew the expectations were high.

A premium market requires a packaging that was more than a container, more than a receptacle in which to store quality. It had to be iconic. Something ‘out of the box’.

The Idea

Developing packaging for prestigious products is an artful process. The brand positioning demands that the design possesses a rich look and feel. To achieve this, and in liaison with the client, it was decided to create an iconic feel by using a series of sophisticated print techniques. The aesthetic result would scream of value while maintaining the traditional styling created by iconic brands of the past. The look and the feel would immediately communicate a ‘spirit’ of excellence. At the same time the style & practicability of the box and the container had to be such that it excelled as a collector’s piece.

The finished design and organic feel was to create a glow of ownership satisfaction which could transcend even the quality of the bottle’s contents.

The Solution

The team at The Grove Distillery came to us with a unique wooden box. Set on a chamfered plinth, the box has been hand crafted from locally grown Blackbutt. We set about having each of the 90 boxes laser etched with ‘The Grove’s’ branding and identification of the product details. Once opened, the inner door reveals the tasting notes printed on a premium stock and metallic foil, each carrying an individual number.

As with the tasting notes, each bottle is individually numbered and the branding is etched into the bottle before a white pigment is applied and cleaned three times. By not using a traditional label, this process creates a premium look while allowing the magnificent amber hue of the whisky to be clearly visible. Turning the bottle around reveals another crafted label featuring more rich metallic foil.

The whole design finish is crowned with a specially crafted security seal and a certificate of authenticity, again individually numbered.

The Last Word

The result is a stunning traditional and highly desirable package which meets the original brief and has already impacted on the market place.

What We’ve Done

  • Concept Development
  • Brand Development
  • Design
  • Printing
  • Merchandise
  • Packaging
  • Photography
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