The Challenge

thebox became involved in late 2014 to assist Watermark with a Digital Strategy which needed to align with a new direction for the national business. With work on a new brand being undertaken in the Eastern States, thebox developed the strategy in tandem with the brand process. This ultimately led to the design and development of a new website which not only met the needs of the strategy but would be the first iteration of the new brand.

The Idea

Law is a complex industry in any respect but in the case of Watermark, we had a number of key markets to ensure we captured – all very different. The brand dictated a clean, crisp look with a dominant arrow graphic needing to be integrated across the brand application. There was also significant needs to cross-correlate data to make it easy for users to switch between information and navigate the site in a highly organic fashion.

The Solution

With a clear strategy and a fresh new brand in hand, we began the development process in 2015 and this stretched into 2016 as there was a protraction of the brand implementation plus a stakeholder change. This added to the challenge but ultimately facilitated a high quality website that was propagated with an immense amount of content. With high levels of data integration, the site was built with a range of animation features, flexible layout structures and dynamic use of the database.

The Last Word

The Watermark website finally went live in 2017 – almost 3 years after we began the process. It demonstrates great credit to a visionary strategy, strong design and technologically advanced development that a project of this size and time scale was achieved and still looking fresh, modern and using state of the art technology to deliver information to the audience.

What we’ve done

  • Strategic Planning
  • Website


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