The Challenge

Energised and ready to use their years of experience in the wine industry, the Wine Pulse team approached thebox to develop a fully customised eCommerce store, which would offer wines from all areas of Australia which represented excellent value.

The brief required a unique and memorable brand, which would rival the marketplace, big names with a similar target audience. Our challenge was to depict a high degree of expertise and professionalism appealing to wine drinkers, Australia-wide. The offering would include the ability for shoppers to earn reward points and an incentive for referring a friend.

In addition the company wished to develop a subscription model where customers were able to purchase four cases of mixed wine per year, carefully selected by the Wine Pulse team.

The Idea

The Wine Pulse brand would be developed using an appropriate colour palette which would draw the eye, creating a modern and impacting statement. Using shades of ‘Fining Agents Clay’, ‘Charcoal’ and ‘Egg White’ as inspiration, we would proceed by creating a brand which reflected simplicity and professionalism, while maintaining a close link with the wine industry. The website was to be designed to be uncluttered and clean, using the wine as the showcase, with appropriate user engagement and calls to action throughout.

Entering the Australian online wine market also required a level of sophistication and we would proceed in making the organisation project a level of expertise, while using a youthful and customer-centric feel. The site would be conversational and have the ability to attract Australia’s typical online wine purchaser.

We wanted to achieve all this with an added element of fun!

The Solution

Our solution was to conceptualise and develop a brand with a fresh and modern approach – suggesting that Wine Pulse would be a company with its ‘finger on the pulse’. Created with a potency to be strong and recognisable, the brand utilised a visual ‘pulse’ as its inspiration. Utilising the ‘W’ as a pulsation signal.

The style of the website was designed to be harmonic with the corporate projection and a sub-brand mark was also developed for the ‘Impulse Club’, maintaining continuity with the primary brand. Complex to develop, the Wine Pulse website demanded important requirements to improve its ability to connect with customers. The result was a website which projects Wine Pulse as a modern organisation, ahead of the trend, embracing technology and delivering an easy shopping experience with added value.

The Last Word

Wine Pulse are on track to becoming a premier online shopping experience for wine lovers throughout Australia. Their passion and offering to promote Australian wines is supported by strategies which encourage, and retain customers. The brand possesses energy and longevity with a fun and highly professional approach, something to which ensures customers will find rewarding.

What We’ve Done

  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Style
  • Design
  • Packaging
  • Signage Solutions
  • Press
  • Copywriting
  • Website
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