“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

Colin Powell


To be honest, some companies just don’t like our style. They’re usually the organisations that don’t like change, who don’t like an alternative view. They’ve got their own ideas about marketing… and that’s OK with us.

At Jack in the box we want to engage with clients – be a part of their team, offer expert advice, new ideas, celebrate new initiatives, find new ways and revel in the excitement of it all. We want to exorcise the usual, the banal, the ordinary and in a brave expression of confidence, create the unique, the different and the future.

That’s why we’re here! That’s why we exist!


Good to great businesses don’t guess. They know their organisations are incestuous and that screws with the planning process.

As independents we don’t carry baggage. All you get from us are the facts, no bullshit, no smoke, no mirrors.

Strategic Consultation

No one has time to read anymore. So, we like to listen and talk over a coffee. Our strategic consultation is as easy as falling off a log. Sit, sip and tell us the facts and we’ll use our expertise and experience to discuss solutions.

All done in a simple manner. No nonsense, friendly, honest advice… and don’t be surprised if we say, “Don’t do it!”

Project Management

Plenty of people have ideas. What’s rare are people who put the ideas to work. We do! It’s our livelihood – making ideas work.

We manage marketing projects and we make things happen. We’ve saved our clients money, taken away heartaches, created high performance and pulled off a host of small miracles on the way.

Brand Planning

A brand is a business’s most powerful asset and it’s almost always treated badly. Dismissed, it hangs on for its dear life in various forms. It’s beaten up and battered and like an abused animal, slowly dismantled. We’re a bit like the RSPCA – we plan for a brand based on a deep respect for its magical power to influence consumers.

Let’s face it, what other simple message can inspire, motivate, cajole, influence, communicate, shape and persuade, without uttering a word?


It’s great to have an idea, but understanding its scope is completely underestimated. Scoping involves developing an initial outline prior to starting a project.

When we scope we look every which way, find out the costs, check out the left hooks – there’s always one – and lay things out to save you money – “Simple”.


Some like to call them ‘A Talk Fest’. You know, when everyone gets together to learn how to disagree?

At ‘the box’ we’re a pluralistic lot. Our facilitation techniques encourage positive discussion and solution based debate, because we want everyone to listen to every idea.

It lies in well designed preparation with clear objectives, allowing the group to challenge and resolve communication issues.


When planning, research is just such a vital tool. We utilise reports, papers, focus groups, internet surveying and our media house to arrive at conclusions. We rely on well designed methodology and credible sample sizing.

You don’t always get what you want – but you do get the truth.

Content Management

You can’t create great content without knowing what’s important to consumers – knowing what turns them on and off.

We create parables, tell stories and weave a truck load of sparkle into what we write. And like Hans Christian Andersen’s ugly duckling, it turns into a trumpeter swan.


If you’ve invested in your brand, then you best get yourself some insurance. In partnership with our Patent Attorneys, we encourage all our clients to understand the laws associated with IP and brand identity ownership.

We can advise and assist in informing you on matters concerning the trademarking of a brand.


A design piece is never likely to hang in the Louvre, but it doesn’t diminish its form, its balance, its joy to the eye, nor the talent of those who create and give it purpose.

Design is the merging of a practical, need-driven science and the beauty of perfect proportion. So here’s to the crazy ones – the world belongs to us.


When we create a brand, why do we insist on offering our clients a single recommendation? It’s not ego, or arrogance. It’s because we’ve developed a solution process. You don’t go to a medical professional for ‘options’ on how to fix your problem.

Our process allows the client’s expectations and the personality of the organisation to merge. It creates a symbol representing the client to the people. It’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help us!

Graphic Design

So much more than just ‘pretty pictures’. For us, graphic design is all about craftsmanship. Careful consideration of typography, styles, imagery and construction.

We use design to ensure your message is communicated effectively. Exceptional communication is shaped by exceptional design. We’re not here to be arty farty about design. It has to deliver results.

Art Direction

How do you represent an idea visually?  How do you create an overall look or style, and how do you do it for advertising, magazine, television and all the other media?

Art direction is a crucial part of the advertising kitchen. It’s about writing the recipe, building the ingredients and assembling them into a great dish.


What can we say? We’ve seen them all; pixie photo shots; iPhone disasters; Polaroid catastrophes. No matter what the project, you need great photos to sell your ideas and great photos require skilled people. We have them.

Corporate Image

Every brand requires a set of clothes; an attire to carry it to the people; a continuity which represents purpose and identifies presence. We work hard to create it in a company’s stationery, its livery, so it’s easily recognisable and eloquently demonstrates who it is.

No organisation, big or small can expect a naked brand to live comfortably in a cold market place.


Words! Colourful, tinted, ghostly, whispering, rustling, raging, rocking and rolling. A procession of letters thinly and weirdly played to deliver the idea. They rage, pout, fume, frame and frown and we arrange them to deliver an understanding; to make the people hear, to make them see, to make them feel.


Great advertising is focused on creating so much interest that people will buy our clients’ products.

Our way is to develop ideas, tell stories, weave magic, inspire imagination and cook the onions until the aroma tantalises the taste buds. Sometimes it’s subtle, other times it’s loud and crazy, but it always has a goal – to make our clients prominent in a crowded market.


Powerful television means dismissing the banal, throwing out the ordinary and reaching for the exceptional. Television is visual, but it is also ambidextrous – it lets you sound off.

We use the sound to create a different message than the footage so we get twice the potency. We let our imagination run free and create bright ideas.

We craft the story, plan it out, find the talent, film and direct the sequences and put it all in the can.


We love press. Being different is right up our inside page. Making ideas count in a paper or magazine is a matter of being different.

Following the pack just doesn’t work and as you’ll see in our case studies, we don’t shy away from breaking eggs. Omelette anyone?


It’s music, talk back and more music and a radio advertisement is what happens in between. To stand out, you need to make an offer bigger than the Statue of Liberty.

We don’t much care for discounts so we opt for telling stories, creating a little revolution, making people stop, think and act.

You could say we create a mini circus and the people lend us their ears.


Endless online advertising possibilities exist. But how to use them? More importantly how to understand what they all mean. There’s SEM, display banners, mobile advertising and the list goes on.

If it’s all too gob smacking, we have a bunch of inhouse nerds who live in their computers. They can help big time.

Campaign Development

The challenge arrives and the solution begins with a great big, juicy idea. We work it over and over, we strangle the left hooks, we weed out the misinterpretations and we massage its power until the campaign flows and everything works.

Then and only then do we say, “This is right, this is good to go – call the client” .


Pick me! Pick me! The media are out there, all wanting your dollar. They all promise big things. So how do you choose what’s best for you. Most businesses just guess.

This is where the gravel meets the bitumen – where advertising becomes science. The box’s ‘white coats’, even now, are busy in the lab with their test tubes, discovering new cures for your media blues.


While almost everyone hates it, we think research is pretty neat. That’s why we do it. Sure it’s boring but it does help gather enough information to make informed decisions.

That seems pretty much common sense? So why do so many people ignore it? We don’t!


Remember your last flight. You arrived in Sydney, your baggage went to Brisbane. That’s bad planning but it’s better than no planning at all.

We plan to get you and your baggage to your destination on time, on budget and on target. Don’t finish up some place else.


We schedule, which means we lay out the plan with dates for entry, deadlines, copy room demands, CAD requirements… the lot.

We’re sweepers and we don’t miss a speck. Best of all for you, if there’s drama you won’t know it’s happening.


Sounds easy right? But are you getting fleeced? We buy media on your behalf and we use our volume buying power to buy better.

We book it; make sure the work is sent to the media; and you receive one bill for all your bookings for the agreed amount. And you don’t pay us a cent.


How the dickens do you manage media? Fair question.

First we get it right by identifying the target, how they behave, where they are. Then we get the facts, what medium works best, who will carry the message, what will it say. Then we ensure the mix is right. We cross-pollinate electronic media, press, internet, technical and weave them altogether to ensure the message gets through.

Oh! Then we make sure it happens.


You can’t survive without being a part of the digital space. Discover the power. When did you last consider purchasing from a business without checking them out online? You’re doing it right now aren’t you?

It’s about solving challenges with nanosecond technology. It’s what’s happened and if you blinked – you missed it.


Any muppet can build a website. Building ‘online engagement’? Now that’s a different story.

We build sites with engagement, we grab your market audience by the throat and we relate to them. We create interest, build intrigue but best of all we don’t build sites that make customers switch off – we make them switch on.

Don’t let them fool you – webs are for keeping, not letting go.

EDM & Email Campaigns

Is it the death of the postie? It’s fast, direct and it’s choosy about who it delivers to. It follows instructions, notifies you that it’s arrived and when it’s all done and dusted you can measure its success.

It’s email campaigning, instant and unrestricted. We like it, we do it and we think you should give it a go too. R.I.P Australia Post!

Web Content Plans

“What do I write in my website?” he said. Then he abandoned the idea and his best mate penned a few well chosen words.

It happens people. More than you’ll ever know. Planning content for your website needs serious consideration. You’ve got to know what works and what doesn’t.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, Instagram, SnapChat, MySpace, MyFace, Google+, Googleminus… HELP!

If you have no idea about these spaces or what to do with them you’re in deep excrement.

Social media needs a planned approach, regularity, continuity and dedication. If you don’t believe us, check out our Facebook page.


There are stats, more stats and lies. But when it comes to stats on SMS, you’ll be mighty surprised and you’ll ask yourself why you’ve never tried it before!

Customers spend almost all their life looking at their phone, avoiding eye contact. Hit them right between the eyes! A smarter way to get your message across.


Arachnophobic? Plenty are. We love spiders, especially the search engine type.

Creeping through your website, trawling the online content, being sure to do their best work for the ‘Googler’. And if they can’t find the right words they simply apply the fatal dose and you’re sick.

Like flies, we attract them so you’re at the forefront of their quest. That’s exactly what Search Engine Optimisation is all about.