What was a lady in a sparkly red dress, a classy dinner setting and several bottles of red wine doing in the Jack in the box boardroom? No, it wasn’t an exclusive after-hours client meeting, it was the setting for a photoshoot for a new wine label, using some innovative thinking to transform the boardroom into a romantic restaurant setting., The ‘romantic boardroom’ was utilised to create the centrepiece of a new suite of promotional tools commissioned by client Green Piper Wine Distributors. The objective was to launch the company’s new label, Night Harvest, into the market place as well as position it as a quality Western Australian product., The concept was based on ‘the night always brings out the best’, with the wine forming the centrepiece of a dinner setting. The photoshoot was planned, art directed, styled and shot completely in house by Scott Robinson and Vaughan Ransley – right here in the Jack in the box boardroom. Check out the photos in our and some of behind the scenes shots below to see how it all came together., gallery, The resulting photo has been crafted into lightbox signage to appear at liquor stores, carton headers, posters and shelf wobblers for point of sale marketing, and table talkers for restaurant distribution. These are being produced as we speak ready for distribution to key liquor chains throughout the South West and WA. The finished products will be available on our gallery soon.