The Challenge

How does one explain the passing of a loved one to a small child? Of all the challenges we have faced, this was our greatest. Posed by our client, Bethany Funeral Home, the question had been a constant as Bethany personnel watched children’s reactions and wondered how to help parents explain the mysteries of death.

The subject is more often than not taboo and we soon learned that faced with such a challenge there must be an understand of how to deal with the reality and balance this with the deep responsibilities attached to the essence of the problem.

We understood three primary factors: That death has many complications, due to cultures, race, creed and religion; that the sharing of information in regard to procedures is a balance between, the imagined and the real, and the timing of the delivery of information is critical.

The Idea

Our decision was to take a rationale point of view and drive the solution with a strategic plan. We knew it was a mystery, not simply to children but to adults and we mused if it would be possible to create comfort to adults at the same time as delivering solutions for children?

Spawned by such thinking, the idea was to create a children’s book which recalled the passing of a Grandfather. It would tell the story of two young children, Brie and Reily whose ‘Poppy’ had died at home and takes their journey through their confusion, their reaction, the misunderstanding, their own special kind of grief and finally to their acceptance.

The book would be illustrated and appeal to children and in a passive manner, assist adults.

The Solution

Entitled, ‘I Remember Poppy’, the book has been conceptualised, co-written, illustrated and produced at thebox. The final product is informative, easy to read, neutral, accurate, independent and dignified. It will be a give away product, courtesy of Bethany Funeral Home.

The illustrations are unique and the pictorial has not attempted to dodge the issues. To ensure accuracy, Vince Calleja, Funeral Director at Bethany Funeral Home consulted and co-authored the book and his assistance is recognised as a giant contribution.

The Last Word

Faced with the subject of death, no-one has all the answers. Bethany’s care and generosity will now make the pain of a person’s passing, a little easy to bear, for parents and children alike.

The Award

thebox were awarded a BRONZE Summit Creative 2017 International Award for ‘I Remember Poppy’. The Summit Creative Awards recognise organisations internationally who excel in marketing initiatives.

What We’ve Done

  • Concept Development
  • Design
  • Printing
  • Copywriting
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