The Challenge

Unsure on how to move her already well-received natural sports hydration powder to the next level, Belinda Dennis consulted thebox to consider her marketing process and content. As one of the few products on the market free from artificial colours or flavours, her complex carbohydrate drink mix had already demonstrated definite potential and made its presence felt by select elite athletes.

The Idea

thebox recommended that the marketing collateral be developed to include more information on the product, giving the projection a fresh and greater professional positioning. We also recommended Belinda became the spokesperson for the product and the face and the story behind Bindi.

The product needed a story and the truth about the product’s development was unique and interesting. It was the story of opportunity, how a young mother and  triathlete saw a gap in the market, exercised due diligence and researched her way to the discovery of the right formula.

It was time to use her story and align the packaging of the product with Belinda’s beliefs of natural ingredients and a healthy environment.

The Solution

thebox conducted a studio product shoot which included four flavours of powders, additional diversified product and portrait shots of Belinda. With professional images to add to the current website and the material for a uniquely formatted, customer specific brochure, the design team went to work.

Understanding an athlete’s usual attire when attending events, thebox dismissed the idea of the usual DL flyer, replacing the Bindi brochure with a design which folded to a compact unit, perfectly tailored to tuck away into a track suit pocket for someone on the move. The brochure contained a short story of the product’s antecedent and ingredient information on all products and how to purchase them.

The Last Word

The Bindi product has experienced real growth as it leverages the advantages of a city which is making events, particularly sporting events, its own. Dubbed as the regional events capital of Australia, the regularity of sporting spectaculars such as the Iron Man Triathlon, the Half Iron Man and the Jetty Swim all facilitate access to athletes worldwide. The products are now stocked in sports stores, both in the South West and Perth metro area and Bindi Nutrition is diversifying into other products, promoting the benefits of natural body recovery. The Bindi products now utilise the new, thebox designed packaging, representing the Bindi flavour range including Chocolate, Vanilla, Organic, Pea Protein Powder and Greens Powder.

What We’ve Done

  • Design
  • Collateral
  • Packaging
  • Photography
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