The Challenge

To reposition and re-launch ‘UGGS’ (previous business name) as a high quality, affluent retail experience, selling 100% natural fibre material products. The major task of rebranding and repositioning a business of this calibre demands careful strategic planning. Because of thebox’s planning expertise, all aspects of the repositioning were considered and the brief clearly articulated the client’s needs.

The Idea

The creative team’s idea was to create a fresh approach. Deciding to re-brand the store, the team had to consider the need for elegance and class while projecting a modern and desirable perception.

Creating icons which represented natural elements became a focal point of the device development. A seed, a tree and a button all subtly hinted at the origins of the product fabrics and what they had become. The typefaces would be classic and timeless, customised to make the brand unique and memorable..

Careful consideration of colours led to a unique mushroom brown being chosen, reflecting a warm, earthy perception. A wheat colour would add a dash of freshness whilst maintaining the subtle feel of the brand. Both colours would hint at the ‘eco’ side of the business without using the more obvious green.

All this would be adopted and accompanied by a corporate style featuring high end fashion photography of the product’s original fibres, shot and directed by the Jack in the box team.

The Solution

The process undertaken by Jack in the box focused on developing a modern style with an organic flavour. The featured icons which represented simple and natural material and the flavour was styled in a contemporary fashion genre. This facilitated the creation of the following marketing solutions for the new and improved Boutique Eco:

The Last Word

Boutique Eco became the biggest seller of wool products in WA and in 2012, sold more ugg boots than any other store in Western Australia. Boutique Eco has featured in The West Australian newspaper as well as South West VIP Magazine, Farm Weekly and the South West Magazine. Patrons travel from Perth to purchase items from this modern and forward thinking operation.

What We’ve Done

  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Style
  • Stationery Suite
  • Design
  • Collateral
  • Signage Solutions
  • Photography
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