The Challenge

Dunsborough Landscapes required their brand to appeal to a more prestigious and affluent market. The company needed differentials and a positioning created to attract the right clients and remain at the forefront of those deciding to use landscaping services within the Dunsborough and south west region. The branding required a full relaunch, so starting with a blank piece of paper, thebox design team started the process. Through our discovery session, we were able to establish the concept of an intricate brand that was modern and simplistic in its colourways and execution.

The Idea

We wanted to create something unique and stunning. We knew we had to depart from the obvious green. The creative team decided to base their concept on the aerial view of the end of a bottle brush which can be clearly seen in the finished stylised result. This also reflected the distinctive structured style of the client’s landscaping style.

The Solution

The new brand was designed and fashioned to reposition the organisation and to make it a clear stand out amongst landscape artists. thebox conducted both consulting and design work roles and consulted and managed the successful trademark and intellectual property certification.

The Last Word

The brand was well received and moved easily into the marketplace, adopting the fresh and modern look with ease.

What We’ve Done

  • Brand Development
  • Stationery Suite
  • Printing
  • Signage Solutions

What They Said

“I have had some great comments on the logo and signage and I have praised you and your team’s work.”

Ian Allison – Owner Dunsborough Landscape

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