The Lowdown

You see anniversary brandmarks around everywhere. EMECO challenged the team here at thebox to craft a mark that was unique and would standout in the crowd.

We saw this as a chance to design something that was crafted and considered, rather than just finding a font to write ‘50’ in.

And so came the creation of the dump truck in the shape of the Five Zero.

This mark has been executed throughout the EMECO business and had a significant impact on the large workforce who proudly wear this on uniforms as well as other collateral.

It was also recognised internationally for it’s design, winning a Gold Summit Award in 2022.

The Award

thebox were awarded a GOLD Summit Creative 2022 International Award for the EMECO 50 Year Anniversary brand. The Summit Creative Awards recognise organisations internationally who excel in marketing initiatives.

What We’ve Done

  • Brand Development
  • Collateral

What They Said

“I gave the team at thebox the challenge of creating  a unique 50 year brand logo in a short time frame. They jumped straight into it with all their fearless creativity. They delivered ahead of time and with something that completely encapsulated what we are about.

My bias will shine through, but I have noticed many other 50 year brand logos throughout the year and they have all appeared quite uniform, compared with the uniqueness of the Emeco 50 year logo.

I have had many positive comments from within our team and externally about how cool our logo is. The logo has been proudly front and centre in all our communications throughout 2022.”

– John Worsfold, Manager People and Culture

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