The Challenge

Brabham has quickly become a highly crowded marketplace for new land sales. With a parcel of land that was surrounded by newly established estates, we needed to develop a strong brand that would stand out.

The Idea

Adjacent to the ever popular Swan Valley, inspiration was taken from this rich wine growing country and its origins surrounding the Flame Grape. The name and brand also facilitated the influence over a number of elements such as landscaping, entry statements and playground equipment, driving a distinctive image for the estate.

The concept was also based on a celebration which was an important aspect when we looked at the target demographics for the area and the indicative buyer profiles. This can be best seen in the brands execution.

The Solution

While ‘red’ seems an obvious choice, it is a bold decision in the land estate landscape. Rarely used, it was seen as somewhat risky at first. As the concept grew, the obvious power of its implementation in the market was evident and the resulting brand application across signage, website, sales material and advertising campaigns has shown its immense impact.

The Last Word

Flamewood has quickly established itself as a strong buying proposition and has seen positive sales results. This has come from carefully targeted marketing material that understood and appreciated the buyer. While visually eye catching, the strategy was not lost in the creative process and was a key driver throughout the design of each and every element.


What we’ve done

  • Concept Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Name Creation
  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Style
  • Stationery Suite
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Printing
  • Templates
  • Merchandise
  • Collateral
  • Signage Solutions
  • Digital & Social Media
  • eNewsletter
  • Website
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