The Challenge

Commissioned to work on the Settlers Tavern account, thebox were aware that over the years ‘Settlers’ had earned a reputation, from locals and visitors alike, for excellence in hospitality and entertainment in the Southwest. The addition of a boutique brewery necessitated the creation of a different style of branding, one, which harmonised with the slightly rustic and retro feel of the tavern itself and one which would offer a fresh take on today’s alcohol market. This was to be translated by way of labelling, point of sale and merchandising.

The Idea

The concept was to maintain the pastiche of the Settler’s brand, which sympathised with the existing design elements and kick start a new era of consumer expectation. To achieve our aims it was necessary to create a whole new livery. The beer flavours were unique and the idea was to use a retro style which would dominate the total branding theme. We wanted to utilise the concept of ‘pop’ art through the visuals and to express a feel of the sixties which would give individuality to the style, while meeting the complexities of the brief.

The Solution

To maintain consistency, a capstone replicating the familiar shape of a beer bottle cap was created and within its boundaries the word ‘Ale’ was carefully crafted in customised script. This was surrounded by the company’s brand name Margaret River Company. The retro embossed device is the mainstay of the brand identity and is always present no matter what the product.

Required to develop labels and brand identity, the team set out to create designs appropriate to the names of the different ales and parallel with the ambiance of the Tavern, its environment and the region.

The chosen name for the Pilsner was ‘Bombora’, an Aboriginal term for an area of large sea waves breaking over a shallow area. The size and shape of bombora waves makes them attractive to surfers willing to take the risk of riding what is generally considered a hazardous pursuit.

The Pale Ale had been designated as ‘Rockin’ to reflect the musical flavours of the Settlers Tavern entertainment over the years. Describing the beautifully brewed White Ale and its flavor, the name ‘Great White’ was chosen, an obvious choice for an environment in which it is produced.

Most recently, the IPA was added and labelled ‘Day Tripa’. This was our opportunity to use the iconic Holden Sandman along with a surfboard to capture the flavour of the region and this new craft beer.

As the design team were of the opinion that such a unique boutique product deserved original material, the representative illustrations are hand drawn and crafted, as is the brewed product. The result is a suite of labels which are attractive, interesting and beautifully translated to the required livery items.

The Last Word

The beers are already proving successful and is the perfect springboard to create the required foundation for further growth in a diversified market place. The product is currently ‘on tap’. Positioned to expand into a thirsty market place, The Margaret River Ale Company can now grow knowing that a sound brand/product strategy is in place.

The Award

The Margaret River Ale brand was selected to be part of the prestigious ‘LogoLounge 9 Book’ in 2015. LogoLounge 9 is a homage to the genius of designers. More than 30,000 logos were considered for this book, submitted by thousands of designers from more than 100 countries worldwide; of these, only 2,000 were selected.

What we’ve done

  • Brand Development
  • Design
  • Printing
  • Merchandise
  • Collateral
  • Packaging
  • Signage Solutions

What they said

“Working with the team at ‘the box’ has been an absolute pleasure. Scott, Vaughan, and the crew are clearly passionate about their work and it really shows. Creating a digital strategy that incorporated the many aspects of our business has been integral to moving Settlers Tavern and the Margaret River Ale Company forward. Their ability to provide everything, from great artwork to cutting edge technology made it easy for us and really added value to the total package. I wholeheartedly recommend Jack in the box to any organisation that is looking for a genuine and capable partner to give their business a boost.”

Rob Gough, Proprietor


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