The Challenge

Since 2015, South32 has been operating out of the Worsley Bauxite mine, located near the township of Boddington about 130 km south-east of Perth.  

While part of a larger international brand with mines located across the world, the South32 Worsley team approached thebox with a clear strategic goal: to promote their close ties with the community and natural environment, and help position them as an employer of choice.

They had the ideas, the stories and the people…but they weren’t quite sure where to start. Enter thebox who were tasked with developing a Campaign that would help raise awareness within the community. 

The Idea

When it comes to mining companies – particularly large international brands – communities can be forgiven for feeling a little ostracised; nothing more than offcuts in their pursuit for profits. 

People can smell the bullshit-o-meter from a mile away, and that sense is heightened when it comes to mining and their environmental efforts. So the first thing we knew is this campaign needed to be real. They needed to be real South32 people with real stories – no paid actors, no scripts. 

We also wanted these stories to be easily accessible, so imagined a dedicated microsite that would sit separate to South32’s organisational website that would host the campaign videos and collateral. 

Finally, in collaboration with the client, we came up with the campaign slogan: It’s Our Future. This accurately told the narrative that together with the community, South32 was working together for a better future for everyone – for the environment, for the next generation, for a better world. 

The Solution

Researching, interviewing and filming a variety of South32 people across a matter of weeks, thebox edited 12 videos in total. They would be used throughout the campaign, which also included copywriting, press ads, social media marketing and billboards throughout the South West region. 

South32 developed a microsite that would host all the campaign creative, allowing visitors to peruse at their leisure and gain a deeper understanding of South32’s brand and operations. 

The Last Word

Working closely with the client and bureau42, thebox created an omnichannel campaign that included OOH, press, radio and digital that looked to generate engagements across different platforms. 

What we’ve done

  • Campaign Development
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Press
  • OOH
  • Digital & Social Media
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Copywriting
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