The Challenge

Having assisted with the development of Kadam Kinetics, we began to embark on a journey to bring another of Anna’s concepts to life – Kadam Kids.

What, at first, looked simply to be a children’s storybook quickly became much, much more.

The Idea

Poems, music, video, illustrations, activities, crafts and an entire system for teaching needed to be created. Having read the poem and seen the natural passion and enthusiasm that emanated from Anna, we started to work on a plan to coordinate this enormous project.

Starting with the recording of the poems, working with her chosen artist for illustrations and coordinating how the package would come together, this was a true collaboration between agency and client.

This was about bringing Anna’s headspace into reality and solidifying it into something tangible.

The Solution

The first thing we noticed about the poems which underpin the Kadam Kids project (now known as Catalyse) is that they were perfectly suited to being tracked to music. Working with the talent crew from Panda Candy, we made the unusual decision to have the client sing/rap on the track. Each track was custom written around the poem for both a Signature and Flow variation.

These were then combined with the illustrations when we took Anna into the studio to record all the movements associated with the poems. This is when things started to really come together.

While this was all happening, the book was being crafted back at the studio. Not only was a hardbound book required but a complete 100+ page companion volume which provided instructions and acts as a teaching aid.

Finally the website was updated to allow for the purchase of the book and become home to the array of resources.

The Last Word

Projects of this nature don’t come around often. A chance to not only be a part of something very different but to know that what you’re creating will have a significant impact upon the future of the next generation.

So much more than just a kids book, Catalyse is something very unique.

What We’ve Done

  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Style
  • Design
  • Printing
  • Collateral
  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Project Management

What They said

“8 months ago, ‘Kadam Kids’ was simply a pipedream. I had a bunch of concepts, a heap of ‘scribbles’ and some very big ideas. What I didn’t have was a plan. I had no idea of how to take that first step towards manifesting my ‘Kadam Kids’ dream into a reality. Enter Scott Robinson and his incredible team at thebox

From the get-go, Scott has provided; guidance and opportunity, strategic planning, connections to incredible creatives, second to none production in all forms of media, including print, digital and audio. 

His team never cease to amaze with their business expertise, their out of the box thinking and their experience and knowledge in all things creative. But more valuable than any of this is the way that thebox help to cultivate ideas and actualise dreams. Thank you, Scott, and thebox. You are invaluable, inspiring, and downright incredible. I can’t wait to see where we end up…”

– Anna Foley, Founder & Director

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