The Challenge

With an urgent need to change the nature of their model, the Busselton Family Centre approached thebox to assist with the development of a new strategy to take the grass roots Not for Profit into the next stage of its evolution.

Based in a central location with all the foundations for a fantastic community space, it was critical to ensure it was well structured to match the new funding environment and continue to service the community.

The Idea

The strategy sought to address a range of concerns and ultimately lead to the recommendation for a new name and brand which would be the cornerstone of the Centre’s new direction. The plan needed to create a sustainable future for the Centre and reposition the Centre with a higher degree of diversity.

The Solution

On the back of the extensive strategic report, a new name and brand were created which established the foundation for the Centre’s future. And so ‘The People Place’ was born. A fresh and vibrant brand that offered flexibility for the Centre to grow and shift in a new direction. This extended into the development of a new website, signage and a range of collateral which was used to launch the new brand at a launch event in 2017.

The Last Word

With much more than just a ‘new look’, The People Place have used this opportunity to really reshape the organisation and create a new perception around what is possible within the Centre. With new programs being released and increase in support, The People Place has taken on a whole new lease on life and will now continue to offer vital services to the local community.

What we’ve done

  • Strategic Planning
  • Name Creation
  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Style
  • Stationery Suite
  • Design
  • Printing
  • Merchandise
  • Collateral
  • Templates
  • Signage Solutions
  • Video Production
  • Website
  • Event Planning

What They Said

“WHEN THE STATUS QUO IS NOT AN OPTION. Organisations review, update and progress Strategic Plans on a regular basis. Especially in the wake of government funding reductions and changes to the tender processes.

The Busselton Family Centre Board of Management reflected on past achievements and future challenges on a Planning Day in 2016 after receiving the Organisational Development report under taken by Jack in the box funded by Lotterywest. The process included Discovery, Brief, Research & Survey and Audit to create a new strategic marketing plan based on a sustainable future.

“As custodians, they have the unenviable task of guiding the Centre to a place where grant dependency is not the root pathway to income.” A reality NOT myth.

The Board, courageously stepped out of the comfort zone and accepted the Recommendations of the Strategic Report with the knowledge that the future of the Centre was in their hands. The Jack in the box crew are totally supportive and have guided us through the ongoing process of change.

Rebranding of the Busselton Family Centre to The People Place in July 2017 launched the new era towards sustainability of this valued community facility.”

Rilla Beresford – CEO

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