The Challenge

Galleries West is an independent advocacy body which connects the range of wonderful public galleries throughout Western Australia.

With a limited budget and a need to map each member, the site needed to be built with a minimalist approach while packing key technology behind the scenes.

The Idea

Mapping the galleries was the key requirement. We needed to develop a system that allowed each location to be pin pointed on a map plus segmenting the galleries into regions for easy indexing. The brand was minimal and black & white, which drove a design style that allowed the pictures to really stand out – just as it would in a gallery.

The Solution

Using integrated map technology and our customised WordPress CMS, we developed a easy and clean website which allowed members to join and then be listed on the site. Large spacing and oversized text were used to create drama and focus on the minimalist approach.

The public facing aspects are only one facet of the site with a full membership area available through a secure login.

The Last Word

The end result was a crisp, clean website which was highly functional and hid all the technical aspects behind modern, sophisticated design.

What They Said

“You have been such a delight to work with. I really appreciate how prompt and courteous and generous all the Jack in the box staff have been. Hats off to everyone! I’ll be very happy to recommend your services to others.”

Fiona Sinclair – GalleriesWest

What we’ve done

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  • Website
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