The Challenge

When Anna approached thebox in early 2021, we could never have anticipated the journey we would undertake.

Fresh from the sale of her established yoga business, Anna wanted to develop a unique new business to transform lives through movement and elevate peoples potential.

Using her knowledge of the human body from her 20 plus years as a physiotherapist as well as being a qualified yoga and pilates trainer, Anna was building a training organisation with a difference. Forget traditional, boring OHS sessions. This was something very different!

But first we needed a name. One that would set the foundation for the growth of the organisation and all that would be created in the future.

The Idea

Having developed a comprehensive strategy, we launched into the brand, coming up with the name ‘Kadam Kinetics’. The word Kadam’s literal translation is ‘step’, or ‘first step to achieve anything’ which evolved from the Arabic word qadam, meaning foot.

We based this on a need to a mix both eastern and western thinking, while being a name that would appeal to corporates, schools without losing its representation of movement and freedom.

Combined with the name, the trailing ribbon graphic connected the flow of the human body and the way in which everything is connected, perfectly complimenting the meaning of the name.

Critically, the brand needed to have the ability to grow and extend with all of the incredible plans that Anna has for Kadam. While this was stage one…we knew there was more to come!

The Solution

With a brand in hand, a suite of training tools and collateral was created. These are easily some of the most unusual tools we’ve ever been asked to develop including a set of tank tops and knickers showing a range of muscles in the human body.

This was a truly creative pursuit.

To accompany the brand we also developed a website which continues to grow as the business expands.

The Last Word

With Kadam Kinetics successfully launched, thebox are working on a range of new projects with Anna…keep your eyes peeled.

What we’ve done

  • Concept Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Name Creation
  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Style
  • Stationery Suite
  • Design
  • Printing
  • Merchandise
  • Collateral
  • Templates
  • Signage Solutions
  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Website
  • Project Management

What They Said

“From the moment I entered the creative hub of thebox, my business has not looked back.

Scott and his team are inspiring, highly professional, and incredibly supportive. From strategic planning, concept and brand design and development, graphic design, and artistic direction, their services are second to none.

Every hair brain scheme and crazy business idea I bring to the table is welcomed with open arms, refined, and honed into a simple step process to help realise my dreams and bring achievable and tangible results for my business.

Thanks thebox, I could not recommend your services more highly.”

  • Anna Foley, Founder and Director
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