The Challenge

thebox was invited to pitch for the second phase of the Work & Wander Out Yonder campaign by the Department of Premier & Cabinet in 2022. Having worked closely with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, we were recommended for this campaign due to its need for different thinking and a super tight turn around.

With a need to connect with youth as well as regional employers, the campaign required a multi-pronged approach involving a close working relationship with the Government’s media buying agency.

Most importantly, we had to find a way of making the situation of working in a regional location in the agricultural sector more realistic while also ensuring it was appealing. In tandem, we had to quickly change the mindset of employers in the region about how they needed to obtain workers.

The Idea

It all began with the concept of working within the region as a Paid Escape for young people. An opportunity for them to mix both work and play in one of the world’s most stunning regions –  the South West of Western Australia.

Taking inspiration from festival posters, we developed a custom illustration depicting the escape from the mundane city into the adventure of the region. This graphic treatment also carried into the look and feel of The Paid Escape which would be used across all campaign material.

We also needed to visually show what people were in for. Drawing on the selfie phenomenon, we chose to shoot everything with GoPro’s in a point of view (POV) style, to give a first hand account of life working in regional WA.

The Solution

Shot across 2 days, we took 4 young people with zero to limited television experience on a whirlwind tour of the southwest. Mixing work and play, they were given the GoPro’s to give us the vibe of what it was like to be working and enjoying the region.

In conjunction with this, we shot stills photography of both the talent as well as key employers within the region to use in a suite of material which would be used to promote the campaign.

We also had to commission and finalise the illustration which (as you can see from the examples below) involved an immense amount of intricate detail.

With a massive media schedule to fulfil, we then executed four individual videos in a range of formats. This included:

  • 12 Videos
  • 10 x Poster Designs
  • 16 x OOH Billboard Applications
  • 5 x Coaster Designs
  • 4 x Press Advert Designs
  • 6 x Radio Adverts (Metro, Regional & Spotify)
  • Suite of Digital Banner advertising (6 Styles)
  • Flyer Design
  • Merchandise Design
  • Website Graphics and Social Templates

‘Swag’ was also used to gain traction with the young audience through bags, stickers and sunscreen being distributed at appropriate festivals and events.

The Last Word

What really makes this campaign stand apart, is that we completed the full scope of works in just 3 weeks! From shooting through to delivery of artwork, this turn around (while still in the midst of Covid and Lockdowns) is a testament to the dedication of the crew here at thebox.

What we’ve done

  • Concept Development
  • Campaign Development
  • Facilitation
  • Name Creation
  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Style
  • Design
  • Printing
  • Merchandise
  • Collateral
  • Templates
  • Signage Solutions
  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Press
  • OOH
  • Digital & Social Media
  • Copywriting
  • Project Management
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