Versatility. User friendly. Self management. Easy to use. I’m sure you’ve heard all these terms bandied around within the advertising world many times before. And although all of these aptly describe a Content Management System ( CMS), I’m going to avoid using them….hopefully!

Firstly, a little on exactly what a CMS is. Essentially it’s a website that is managed by the you rather than a developer. The system controls the look and feel of the site along with coding, allowing you to get on with the nitty gritty stuff – the content! Styles, colours, spacing and foundation graphics are all set in place for you and you only have to be concerned with ensuring that the data is up to date.

From a developer or web designer’s side of things, this has advantages. The most obvious being that you don’t have to come back for any changes and thus there is little or no chance of getting any further business until the next major upgrade which could be years. Our approach to this was much more customer focused and philanthropic in terms of the web. We started looking at CMS over 8 years ago and could see the opportunity for the web to play a vital role in business…just under a decade later here we are, and with an element of surprise, exactly where we thought we’d be. The web relies heavily on the most up to date information. In a microsecond world, it demands microsecond action to consumer needs and if you have to wait for a week to get your site updated with your latest product then you’re probably 6 days, 23 hours and 55 minutes behind your competitors.

The advantages ( for smart developers and web designers that is) is that it ensures that real time goes into the development of a quality product rather than on code that is much more hit and miss. Our own Springbox system is the work of thousands and thousands of hours to build a highly integrated and powerful system that works!

So if you’re considering building or creating a new website, consider asking for a quote on a CMS. It puts the power in your hands and it looks great too! Unfortunately it can also be described by each and every one of the adjectives above…