What’s my scene?

Picture Frame showing a landscape

Unless you’ve been in a cryogenic freeze like Hans Solo for the last 20 years, you would have noticed a tandem shift in how we ingest messages today.

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What’s my age again?

Business is full of buzz words. Ours more than any other. In fact, I think we’d probably have to lay claim to being the creator of many of those buzzwords. Not us personally. But our industry for sure.

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Business At Heart

So you’ve decided to kick off a Social Enterprise? That’s awesome! We certainly need more people who can see the benefit in doing something that not only helps themselves but others too.

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It’s the Ad-Man

Truth be told, we’re probably one of the slowest industries to make radical changes in many of these crazy and, what seem in today’s modern world, insane habits.

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I’m not an Artist

Design is about communication. And while it can be argued that Art is seeking to communicate with an audience, it is much more about self expression with an artist. Design seeks to deliver a specific message for the person you’re designing for.

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Welcome to Hollywood

Ahhh…the life of a superstar. All the luxuries. All the perks. What a life.

I’ve often had people throughout my career in this industry idolise what we do in much the same way. “You must love all the lunches and the trips and filming TV adverts and being ‘creative’ all the time. You must have the BEST job!”

I’m sorry to say…it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

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