A business is a living breathing being just like us, ultimately it is human. People are the brains and emotions controlling it. From the executive board down to the people that we as consumers are in contact with (be it a call centre or salesperson on the floor) it is humans in control.

Humans by nature are social creatures, we seek the companionship and love of others, so it is natural that every business should do exactly the same. As stated, businesses are human, not a faceless bricks and mortar entity, so it is on a personal level as opposed to a B2B sense that interaction must take place, and the perfect platform for this is with social media.

For a business to thrive it needs to interact the same way we do. We need to stay in touch with those important to us on a regular basis. For any of our relationships to keep active and happy we need to be making regular contact. We all get sick of being the only one who makes the effort to contact friends or family, if they don’t call us now and again we simply say “stuff it” and stop calling them.

The same goes for those friends who don’t ever talk about anything new, things that interest or matter to us, or are simply just full of ‘BS’. We simply lose interest and move onto people we would rather interact with, and this is exactly what we do with businesses.

So as a company, to utilise social media to the full, you need to interact with the market in exactly the same way you do with all your friends and family; often and with appropriate content.