Are you getting the most out of life? Have you tasted the thirst crushing flavour? Full of some chemical compound you’ve never heard of and packed full of a word that they made up in the marketing department? No? Then you better read on!!

Before you ask, no I’m not hyped on some new found energy drink (although a company did send me 3 cartons of their new product the other day…but that’s for another blog!). Nor am I talking about a new cereal. I’m talking about your website!

In years gone by it was somewhat acceptable to just have a “web presence”. Today though, for many but not all businesses, it simply doesn’t cut the mustard. Just being on the web is a bit like trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum…you’ll get no where – FAST!

In today’s world of integrated media, you need to be looking at which vehicles are actively going to assist you in your online pursuits. Like every other form of marketing and every other medium out there, there are some that will be useful and others that will simply waste your time.

One area that we have been closely focused on in the past few years, is finding ways to integrate these different mediums in ways that minimises your workload while maximising your exposure. Using the power of our CMS website system, we have developed a number of ways to utilise the content you’ve already inputted on your site to feed out onto other systems such as Facebook, Twitter or email systems.

This allows you to increase your exposure through a number of mediums without necessarily expanding the amount of work you have to do to service some of these areas.

It’s also a matter of keen discovery on the part of your IT people, consultant or web agency to really identify what works for you. Some of these mediums are a waste of time and offer no value whatsoever.

Secondary to the social side of the medium there is great potential in paid advertising through companies like Google and Yahoo. Targeted campaigns can be highly successful at attracting your market to you website. Like many traditional mediums, you have more control to pin point the people you desire rather than a scatter gun approach.

Two other really important aspects are your overall advertising and the website itself.p>

In terms of advertising, it’s a great way to target your message. Too often people try to do too much in an advert in an attempt to try and maximise the space or time. Pointing consumers to your website is a cost effective way of maximising your advertising and your website. With the ability to change your message, products, pricing etc at the drop of a hat online, the pointer continues to do its job of getting people there while the site complements that by directing people to your latest message.

This obviously leads me to my final point… your website.

If you don’t have an adequate website then all of this is simply a waste of time. In fact you could do more harm than good!

A website is not a ‘set and forget’ item. It’s a tool that needs to be massaged and tweaked so that you are constantly getting the most of out it. It’s one of the main reasons why we developed a CMS for our clients, so that updating and adding information was a simple and cost effective option rather than the traditional process which required skills or money that just wasn’t an affordable part of the business model.

So get out there with your new low calorie, high folate, energy boosting website and get the MAX out of it. It’s cost effective and it’s not the future…it’s the now!