Do you know many prospective customers could be abandoning your website because they find it too hard to read on their mobile phone? It’s scary to think it could be up to 30% of your website visitors, and this is growing every day.

Now there’s a ready-to-go solution to creating a mobile-friendly version of your website, thanks to the latest innovation from the team at The Box.

Introducing Springbox Mobile, the latest innovation in our suite of website products. Springbox Mobile delivers the most important elements of your website for consumers on the move, and brings them all together in a easy to navigate format. It is powered by the intelligent Springbox CMS, and can be integrated with any Springbox website. Mobile browsers no longer need to search through teeny tiny text and images that take hours to load to find what they need.

To show you how it will work, we’ve developed our own Mobile version of the Jack in the box website – jump on your phone and visit our site to check it out now, or take a sneak peak here. As you can see we’ve included the most relevant features of our website for mobile browsers into an easy to navigate format, with a simplified and quick-loading layout for text and images.

Read more about the Springbox Mobile product on our Springbox website, or get in touch for a customised quotation.