If we’re talking about cutting edge technology, it’s time to introduce you to the Southern Skydivers Empire site we created right here at the Jack in the box studio.

Empire technology is different. Just like the Empire State building, they’re tall, impressive and make people go ‘WOW!’.

The all new Southern Skydivers website is incredibly visually engaging and uses a mixture of our new Empire technology on the homepage while delivering the rest of the content via a Springbox CMS Business Package.

Driven by current web standards, the framework for an Empire site is not device dependent, meaning it’s completely responsive to all screen sizes, unlike just the ‘mobile version’ concept.

You can jam pack this type of site with features and Southern Skydivers site is certainly full of them! (Make sure you keep an eye out for the Altimeter in the top right hand corner that actually counts down as you fall through the site! Or the beer glass that fills up as you scroll through at a heart-pounding 15,000 feet.)

The scalable full-screen background image highlights the quality of the shots Southern Skydivers can take while you are falling through the sky with ‘the best time of your life’ flashing before your eyes.

Folks, this is worth taking a look at!