It’s 2019, it’s the future, It’s getting nerdy up in here. Go get your inhaler of choice and we will talk about just some of the new things that should hit this year (or gettin’ close) on your planet.

Wifi looks like its getting a boost, a new standard called Wifi 6 (or less excitingly known as WiFi 802.11ax, an update to 802.11ac), It promises quadrupled speeds (up to a dreamy 4.8 Gbit/s). WiFi 6 should also beef up the mojo with simultaneous connection of multiple devices and improve its range. New 5G phones will be sporting this as we get more into future town with streaming, VR and all that geek stuff.

5G is coming to 2019, (some call it an overkill but they say that with every new tech jump before they work out tools to harness it). Expect Australia to get more than a few measly places up and running this year, as well as a few 5G phones. If rumors are reliable the Galaxy “S10 X” will be Samsung’s first 5G smartphone (feb / march?) and Apple may wait until 2020 for a new 5G phone Expect more 8K video streaming, 3D video, VR experiences. We could also be gifted (theoretically) lower prices for data – Telstra overlords have muttered that “From a consumer perspective that (5G technology) should enable cheaper data prices” (while aloft a menacing black dragon over a barron lava pooled tundra. Wud does 5G do for me lately? well with its insane speeds and latency, this could mean some sweet remote operation surgeon action, great for places like remote Western Australia. Better reaction times for driverless cars and probably some kinda awfully executed Facebook app thingy.

Graphics Cards
If you are all about the pew pew pew, loot crates, building things and getting shot at, there’s a few nice new graphics cards coming out (or have just dropped now). Nvidia has dropped its “wallet friendly” GTX2060 which out does the older GTX1060 and 1070Ti which were pretty cool cards already. Great news for someone wanting to work as well as play on the one computer. AMD has showcased its Radeon VIII at CES 2019, designed as some kinda GTX 2080 bounty hunter. Oh and this card comes with 16GB memory! Expect a crypto / Bitcoin resurgence sometime later this year as well as maybe a few computer games that don’t look like they were rendered 12 years ago (on medium settings) coming out to utilise all this geeky tech.

Weather Reporting:
Speaking of GPU power, weather reporting will get a much needed boost with a powerful GPU powered global weather forecasting system to deliver hourly weather updates. With climate change stirring the weather pot, this is going to come in handy.

Being only paragraphs away from a fatal beating, (we have rigid quality and output codes here at JITB) I can wrap this up saying, expect a lot of cool ‘enabled’ objects, from farm equipment, new Vive VR headsets, baby monitors, home automation, ‘aged’ tech and maybe a bloody washing machine / dryer that actual folds the bloody clothes! ( man I would be happy with Jetson’s style pod capsules.)

2018 saw a bit of a counter culture towards tech, a little step back and look at the coming wave of geeked-out cyberpeople. Hopefully 2019 is the year of balance, health, solutions, as well as a little restraint and less obtrusive techy interactions (I’m looking at you SBS on demand) now go, get outside and enjoy the weather.