e-newsletters have gained massive popularity in the last couple of years but the question to really ask is, are my customers getting the information? Are you able to measure the effectiveness of your campaign? Are you driving traffic to your website?

Even worse…you may not even be asking these questions!!

Most people would be aware of an internet epidemic called Spam. Not the stuff made famous by the poms and mixed with ‘mash’ but more the Monty Python kind. In fact that’s exactly where the term came from – the 1970 sketch about processed meat! Newsgroup users began to term the ever increasing number of marketing emails that were flooding in, as Spam in recounting the repetitive and unwanted presence of Spam in the sketch.

Today, many major internet providers are looking at serious measures to crush the epidemic and bulk emails are first on their hitlist. Using systems like our Mailbox system assist by ensuring that the mail servers that send your emails are white listed with all the major email providers across the world. This ensures effective delivery of your important information.

Measurement of your email campaigns is also super important. If you can’t identify who is reading your mail, if they’ve visited your website and who they’ve forwarded your email too, then all your effort is in vain. The value of research is never truly valued, but having a system that can provide you with information about your database can’t be measured in dollars – it’s invaluable!