Well I’m well-and-truly convinced that there is no such thing as boundaries when it comes to marketing. After reading this blog entry, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree. If you think your target market are impossible to reach, reading this article might just convince you otherwise…

Why not plaster your brand all over an empty field on the flight path of departing and arriving air traffic? Well a UK company is doing just that, creating massive, paddock-sized billboards visible from flight paths in and out of major airports. The first site debuted in Dubai in October, with 30 more planned to come over the next few years.

So maybe that’s not quite your style. What about putting your brand onto urinal cakes in male rest rooms, that are activated to ‘glow’ when urinated on? Tooheys recently used glowing urinal cakes to advertise their Extra Dry Platinum product. When activated, the cake read ‘Thankyou for your excellent DNA sample. It has been sent to the Platinum testing facility for analysis. Please submit another sample after your next Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum. See you soon’.

Well if urinal cake advertising fails, there is always the option of blasting your brand onto a dirty sidewalk or wall. Using a high pressured water cleaner, a company based in UK is blasting sidewalks with companies advertising messages. Who would think that there was money to be made from dirty streets?

Okay here’s one for all you food and drink manufacturers – what about producing samples of your product via flavoured mouth strips? Similar to dissolvable breath mints, a company based in the US is now applying the technology to a variety of foods and beverages, applying a sample of the flavour to the strip. Customers can simply pop it on their tongue, and they get a sneak peak of the product. Perhaps this technology will take the wine industry by storm…?

And in keeping with the tradition of most other marketing blogs and articles at the end of each year, here are my predictions for 2008:

People will eventually lose interest in Facebook (we can only hope…)
McDonalds will sell their own milk, bread and nappies via a 24 hour drive through service
Free to Air TV will NOT collapse in a heap for lack of viewers
Radio stations in Regional WA might do some market research
Subway will produce a decent ad
McLeods Daughters will finally be in its last season
Jenny Craig will introduce a juniors program
Schoolies will be banned from Dunsborough and come to Busselton instead
Scott will have at least 5 new hair styles
Tony will find a new generation to pick on

Merry Christmas everyone – see you all in the new year.