I often keep an eye out for examples to use to explain marketing concepts in terms that business will understand and be able to implement in their own operation. Positioning is one of those things that is very difficult to exemplify. After noticing some new advertising by land development giant Satterley, it alerted me to an excellent and simple example of positioning, and how to create and own your own differential in a crowded market place.

There is no doubt that Satterley has an exceptional understanding of product positioning that many companies seem to miss. Every one of their developments has distinct benefits and advantages, aligned with its particular target group. Take Busselton’s Provence for example. It is a development inspired by Busselton’s historical French ties, offering a close-knit, village style environment with landscaping and design all driven by French architecture and infrastructure. The price range is distinctly low-middle range, aiming at older families and couples. It certainly isn’t driven at the cost saving first home-buyer.

Reality is that there is nothing particularly unique about the piece of land that Provence exists on. Satterley did its research, found a differential, created the position, and ran with it. Many companies seem to think they need a differential or niche to start with. Wrong! Create your own. If there’s nothing different about what you’re doing, create something! Give the consumer a reason to chose you over everyone else.

I’ll give you an example. You want to open a jewellery and bead store. There are 3 other similar stores in town, selling very similar products, however you know there is a huge demand for the product in the area. But why should anyone come to you, over the competing stores? My solution would be to offer beading and jewelleryDIY classes after work and on weekends. Class attendees could receive a discount on all your store items, and you could even have wine and nibbles at the classes, making them fun, social and interactive.

The situation above is an example of finding, owning and creating a differential in a crowded market place. Put your mind outside the simple buy-sell relationship, and think of how you can be different. Think of what you can offer than no-one else is. It might even be as simple as having a bowl of lollies at your reception desk.