For this week’s blog I am issuing a challenge. I am going to write an entire shopping list (of packaged foods) by the first brand name that comes to mind, rather than products themselves (in no particular order). Next week, I’ll reveal my product list. See if you can guess it? (No google searches allowed). Write your thoughts in the comments section. There will be prizes (chocolate) for who gets them right.

Here goes:

1. Pataks
2. Devondale
3. Saxa
4. Kleenex
5. Ayam
6. Campbells
7. Maggi
8. Twinings
9. Edgell
10. Praise
11. Morning Fresh
12. Arnotts
13. Bulla
14. Nannas
15. Hienz
16. Sorbent
17. Greenseas
18. Helgas
19. CSR
20. Leggos

Good Luck!