Last week Scott and I attended a Chamber of Commerce Business After 5 function with one of our clients, The Gecko Effect. The Gecko Effect is a unique sports store based in Margaret River, who came to us a few months ago for some strategic marketing advice. I must say that I’ve never left a Business After 5 function feeling so positive and proud.

The Gecko Effect asked us to carry out one of our Marketing Audits; the result being a succinct 30-something page report to assist them in putting their business on track, and make sure they were marketing to the
right people.

For our creative team, seeing your work in action is relatively easy; the signage goes up, the items get printed; the website goes live. For us strategists, seeing the results of work is very difficult. However, it was obvious that The Gecko Effect had really taken on board everything we recommended, doing all they could within their resources to put the dream into action.

The most satisfying part of our visit was to see the owners, Denys and Sarah, smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves. They both had energy and enthusiasm, and an unwavering passion for what they were doing. Denys described his store in his speech as ‘a destination’. What a great attitute to have! If more business owners had such a positive attitude then I’m sure we’d see many more succeed.

The whole experience was extremely satisfying and drove home the exact purpose of Jack in the box; to help our clients succeed.

Well done to The Gecko Effect!