We’ve all heard the saying – “There’s no I in TEAM” and it’s not just true of sport. It’s also true of your logo!

Often when speaking to clients about the branding process, and specifically about their logo, I hear the comment about how they want the logo to do this or have that element or show these things. In fact, some years ago I had a client ask me to attempt to represent the 5 different services he was offering in one logo! As humorous as this may seem, it’s also scary!!

The foundation of a good logo is simplicity. Complex brands tend to be forgettable simply due to the fact that consumers just don’t have enough time to take it all in. Sure it has to have a message but it doesn’t need to harbour every aspect of what you do. That’s where the team comes in.

Welcome to the stage if you will logo co-stars:
corporate style, the images, supporting font, slogan, colour palette and, of course, promotion.

You see, it’s a team. A logo alone is not enough – certainly not in today’s competitive marketplace.

Branding is the key and it’s a wholistic approach.

The team has to stick together and support each other. Too many people expect a logo to do too much. It’s not all things to all people… it’s just a logo! Without the support of compatible styling, clever by-lines and a clear advertising message, it’s just a piece of art.

As I’ve spoken about in previous blogs, art is art and design is communication. Each member of the team is there as part of that design and leads to clear communication of your business.

So next time you decide to send your logo out onto the field on its own, think about who your competition is. The smart money is on the team with a full side and reserves on the bench.