In September 1939 many would recall the Germans invaded Poland, historically marking the beginning of the Second World War. My Grandpop fought as part of the English army and was captured twice and escaped twice in El Alamein. Far from a violent man, he was a man of honour, a loving husband and father, and an exceptional carpenter. Above all else, he believed in the fight for freedom and as many mark remembrance day with there own stories, we take the time to thank the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for the incredible freedom we enjoy today.

Although I never had the privilege of meeting my Grandpop, his values have flowed via the myriad of stories that have been told over the years and I somehow feel very connected to him – especially on occasions such as today.

The freedom we almost take for granted these days, allows us to continue to fight for causes of worth. Causes of meaning.

Our recent efforts to raise the profile of environmental issues is such a cause. It all began with a concept which stimulated a mass of discussion throughout the team. The most resounding fact was that we all believed that if we were going to do this, then we needed to do it properly. Extensive research has taken place in order for us to reach a point of being comfortable to not only create a campaign and build a specific website, but begin the process of implementing change.

In some areas, we found that we had been actively contributing to making a difference without realising. Recycling waste where possible, efficient lighting, riding to work – these were all things that many of us were all ready doing. We could see how easy it would be to start focusing on these things and really make a conserted effort.

Other areas are more long term and require us to work towards them. It’s not one action but a group of actions over a period of time that really makes a difference.

And making a difference is what it’s really about. A team, a focus and ultimately a result that benefits us all.

I can only hope that my grandchildren speak about me with as much pride as I do about my Grandpop when they examine the efforts that we are making today and the way it has affected their future.