Okay…so you’ve spent big dollars on a new campaign. You’ve thought of everything. TV Commercial, brochures, email newsletter, point of sale material. You even dedicated yourself to commissioning some market research along with an update to your website to ensure that it reflected your campaign. You have it all covered, right?

WRONG! Like many organisations, you’ve forgotten the one key area where a campaign falls over – informing your TEAM!

Too often it’s marketing itself that gets the blame. Comments like “we didn’t sell as much as we’d like” or “lots of people came in but nobody was buying” are all too common in our industry.

It’s such a simple part of the equation, I’m bemused as to why more people don’t realise it’s the issue!

Letting you team know is just so vital to the success of a campaign. You have to be able to bring them on board with the direction and create a level of ownership within them in order to fully exploit the full potential of your marketing efforts.

Allowing them to find out from a customer or worse still when they sit down to watch the TV and see the latest advert simply diminishes all your hard work and the money spent on building the campaign.

It’s simple stuff and it’s the full stop in the sentence. Explain to them why you’re doing what you’re doing. Give them an insight into the creation of the campaign and show them how it will benefit them and the organisation. Get them excited and when the client or the customer walks in the door, you can be confident that an extension of your message is being conveyed.

We’ve done this on a number of occasions and some companies go all out. We’ve hosted sessions in our boardroom and studio facilities to present campaigns. One client even went to the extent of flying and transporting their team from all over to meet for a full day session on ‘the next step’. To them, it was that important.

So get your people on board and ride your campaign….next stop – SUCCESS!