Aren’t belly buttons fascinating? The way that they were so important when we didn’t even realise, yet simply become a place for the collection of blue/grey lint as we get older!

It’s much like branding really. When it’s first designed and out there, everyone is excited and you realise how vital it is to your business. But as time goes by, many companies forget it’s even there and let the lint pile up.

We’ve all discussed different ways to brand to your clients and customers, but what are you doing to brand to your people?

The big buzz word these days is “employer branding” but marketers have realised the process of internal branding as vital to a company’s success for a long time now.

Internal branding is not just important in staff retention, it’s the key to ensuring that your brand remains a constant part of your projection. For example, our job bags are branded, our note pads are branded, internal templates are branded, internal emails are branded. Even our computer backgrounds are branded! All the crew have branded Jack in the box work shirts as well as branded gym shirts with “I’m with Jack” on the back.

It’s not just about the impact on any external party that may see any of these items, it’s the impact it has on the team and their perception about what they are a part of. They work hard for the brand and feel rewarded by the brand. It becomes even more powerful.

As much as we have exited the times of “where do I find people” and are rapidly moving into an environment where there are more of the right people to employ around, it’s still vital to maintain the great staff you have. They’ll see you through the hard times we face. Maintaining your ‘inny’ branding will be the key to ensuring your ‘outty’ branding is in check.