A product that we designed the branding for was dropped off the other day by a very pleased client, and it certainly brought a smile to our faces here at the box.

Nothing beats the feeling of achievement when you see a brand that you have designed all the way from coming up with the name; to design concepts, and then to a finished product. In this case the brand is moulded into the product itself and that is something I am very proud of.

This is what drives me, knowing the importance of what we produce and the effect it has on a product, be it an advertisement or a logo for the client. It is the old adage of taking pride in one’s work which results not only in a boost to my ego, but the best result possible for the client.

I care what people think, after all, it is my work being put out to be judged by all and I do want kudos for it. The thing about any creative industry, be it an architect or fashion designer, is that we put ourselves up to be judged by anyone, of which a lot have no expertise on the subject, just a subjective opinion.

Another great reward from being in a creative industry, unlike a large percentage of occupations, is you get to be creative and push boundaries and try new things all the time, so challenging and refreshing.Whereas in an industry like accounting it is very much about sticking to a formula, 2+2=4. Not to mention if an accountant is ‘creative’ with the books they will end up in all sorts of strife.

Perhaps the best reward is a designer gets to leave a tangible mark for people to see that they can be proud of. It is great to be able to show off your work to mates, whether it is an advertisement on TV or a signwritten truck going past on the road, whereas no one seems to care about our accountant mate’s clients tax returns.

So if you are thinking of some type of creative industry, I say go for it.

Most importantly, is to choose a career you love. Don’t end up in one you hate getting up and going to, because life is too short.