If you are in business then chances are you are following marketing theories that have served you well up until now. Well people, the playing field has changed and the catalyst for this change is the digital world.

The old way of creating products and then telling your consumers why they need it according to your own doctrine is no longer viable. Consumers aren’t taken in by business’ telling consumers what to think about their services or products.

These days because of the instant digital community, consumers are talking to each other about products and services. Business’ in B2B are talking to each other for the best transaction outcomes too, it is not just retail.

The new way of thinking should be business and consumers, not the old way of business to consumers.

To succeed today you need to stop dictating to your market and listen to them, the communication pathway flows both ways now.

And to show we practice what we preach, we are in the process of creating an advertising campaign for a client that will use social media to engage with their consumers and create content for the campaign.
Stay tuned!