As a society, we’re continuously consumed by what we put in our body. Is it healthy? How much fat does it contain? Low GI? What’s the sugar content? Does it contain Gluten? Well luckily, it’s all there on the label in plain English (well…most of the time).

The digital universe is no different really. Except you’re the manufacturer. When it comes to Digital Content, you’re the creator, the maker and the producer. You’re responsible for the contents of your website, your Facebook updates and your eNewsletters.
So the question begs to be asked, “When was the last time you actually looked at the actual contents of the digital smorgasbord you post online?”

My guess is never, and you’re not alone.

Most businesses struggle to have a business strategy, let alone a marketing strategy. So to expect business to have even considered a digital strategy or a content strategy is a little far fetched.

The problem is, it’s becoming a vital ingredient to the success of your online activity. You see consumers have become a lot more savvy. Automated posts and straight content dumps from your offline material simply doesn’t wash with them. They know you haven’t put any effort in so why should they take the time to consume it?

Worse still, it is old content! Your customers refuse to consume ‘out of date’ content. It’s almost worse than having no content at all.

Like most marketing issues, a strategically driven plan solves most, if not all, of your problems.

It’s becoming a higher and higher priority in organisations we become involved with to develop a content strategy in order to ensure that the digital pathway is set in the right direction and your customers are chewing on the right tasting content.

Many of you may be looking at the thought of a Digital Strategy like it’s a jar of pickled eggs – you’re probably not sure if it’s really something you think is worth trying. I can assure you that without an online direction, you’re destined to be pouring money down the drain.

Sure, Facebook is free, but what about the time you put into it? How about the language you use? Or the content that actually goes into your status update? Should you even be on Facebook? What digital tools should your specific business be using to leverage your target market? The questions are endless……unless you have a plan.

Content is king in today’s market and without a proactive approach to your digital activity, it’s likely to be a waste of your time.

Has your online offering expired? Is it time to look at the label and ask yourself, “Do my customers still want to consume my contents?”